Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Post

Alright. Let's get down to business. You may be asking yourself (that is assuming you're reading this) "What in the flying monkey feces is this all about? It seems so random and pointless. What, is he just talking about random stuff merely for the amusement of both himself and possible readers?" My answer to you would be an astounding "Yes."

On this blog I'll be talking about and rating pretty much whatever I feel like at that time. Anything and everything. Whether anybody cares or not. So it'll make for some good laughs.

Oh, and how could I forget one of the best parts? Lethality. No matter what I'm talking about, I'll come up with some ideas and a rating for how lethal it could potentially be. Be it guns, fruit, or unusual time signatures. How deliciously all-over-the-place.

And that's basically it. That's what you're in for. So read on, if this interests you at all. I certainly hope it does. At least a little. Enjoy.

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