Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cardboard Boxes

Category: Storage Devices
Colour: Typically Brown
Possible Unorthodox Usage: Emergency Clothing

Such a useful item, when you think about it. Cardboard boxes have been around for god knows how long, and they have so much use in everyday society. They store everything for us, from cereal, to juice, to appliances, to dead bodies (hopefully not too commonly, it's kind of disrespectful), to pretty much whatever. Of course, different kinds of cardboard are used for different things, and I believe a wax inner lining is used for liquids and such. But at any rate, they're incredibly useful. Here's a picture of a standard cardboard box (as if it's really necessary):

Wow, it even depicts both completed and uncompleted stages of the box. I've compacted and made boxes a number of times, so it's a pastime I'm somewhat familiar with. Not the most fun pastime... Ah well. You know what is a fun pastime? Box forts. Ah, how so many of us used to make forts out of boxes. I was personally more into pillow forts in my day, but to each their own. Let's watch a video!

Okay, so it was mostly different angles of dweeby destruction of the fort, but there was techno music! Which is always fun. And the video was related, it had a box fort in it. So no misleadings. Which means you can trust me, unlike with my last post (I really hope you didn't take that one seriously, otherwise I'll have to laugh at you heartily in a jolly deep voice).

So yeah, much fun can be had with boxes, aside from all that practical usefulness stuff that everybody's always blathering on about. And just because I'm too lazy to dredge up facts and it's more fun for you guys, here's a video from How It's Made teaching you all about the invention and creation of the cardboard box. And, obviously... showing you how it's made.

So now you know some more stuff about cardboard boxes, the most interesting topic out there! They're useful, fun, and versatile. But they do get pretty soggy when wet, which sucks.

Final Score: 8.7/10

As for lethality, cardboard isn't the most painful material, though I've managed to get a few nasty papercuts from cardboard boxes somehow. Honestly, unless you smashed them up and crammed them in some kind of miniature cannon, I can't see them doing much damage. And of course that's not allowed or it doesn't count in this evaluation. You'd have to get really creative in order to kill someone with cardboard.

Lethality: 0.4/10

Hope you enjoyed it, and join me next time for something even more interesting, if you can fathom it.

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