Sunday, September 26, 2010

Banana Bomb

Warning: A lot of this topic is not true (fabricated/embellished). Use your common sense so you don't make a fool of yourself or something.

Category: Explosive Fruit
Colour: Yellow (just like a banana...)
Sinister Characteristics: Incredibly Deceptive

The banana bomb is a very sinister weapon. While it's not clear exactly whether or not it's a serious weapon planned for use in the future by the military, it has been confirmed to have been used by worms in their miniature wars that they instigate among themselves on quite a regular basis. Of course these are very small banana bombs, and so are unlikely to be mistaken for bananas. But one created the size of a normal banana would be very deceptive and could potentially do a lot of damage, as they apparently have a larger explosive power and radius than a normal frag grenade. Here's an artist's rendition what a banana bomb might look like:

Now, you might say "But that looks like an ordinary banana!" A very astute observation. It does. But that's because the technology for the bomb part in use by the worms who war amongst themselves is designed to be situated inside the "peel" of the banana bomb. Rumour has it that the secret government agencies would be developing it in exactly the same fashion. That would be deceptive and deadly. Here's an example of it's use by worms (captured on a miniature hidden camera):

The image quality is not particularly good, and it's rather shaky. It was taken by an amateur, but the knowledge it gives us is invaluable. It appears that the explosion blew up explosive barrels, just like a normal explosive would. I suppose that's not surprising. But we should be careful; who knows when the military will be harnessing such deviously destructive power?

That said it is a very original idea, and one that would be quite beneficial to use of the army and special ops forces. But get it in the wrong hands, and major havoc could be caused.

Final Score: 7/10

As for lethality, what did I just talk about the whole time? It's more explosive than a grenade, and it's deceptive to boot. And deceptiveness factors in, as it increases the likelihood of being a victim of it. You could find this sitting on a table, try to peel it for some much needed Vitamin E and Potassium, then BOOM! You're missing your entire top half. If this becomes a staple of the world's armed forces, then we could be in for some serious trouble.

Lethality: 9/10

A bit of a different approach this time. Check out the Worms games, they're a good bit of explosive fun.

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