Saturday, September 25, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)

Category: Heavy Metal Band
Genres/Subgenres: Metalcore (early stuff), Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Number of Band Members: 5 (Well, 4 as of James "The Rev" Sullivan's death)

Let me just say this first: Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favourite bands, and they originated in Huntington Beach, California. I've only been properly listening to them (beyond just playing their songs on Rock Band) for a couple of months (if that), but I'm quite addicted. They're very talented and impressive. And though they may sound slightly generic at first, after listening to a few songs you realize that they have quite the versatility within their genre, even touching on other genres in some songs.

The current band members are as follows: M. Shadows (Matthew Sanders) - Lead Vocals, Zacky Vengeance (Zachary Baker) - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals, Synyster Gates (Brian Haner Jr.) - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, and Johnny Christ (Jonathan Seward) - Bass and Backing Vocals. You probably notice that there's no drummer. That's because The Rev (James Sullivan), their Drummer (again, also backing vocalist), died of a drug overdose in 2009. Here's a picture of the band:

Lots of tattoos. But yeah, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is the one on the far right, and he's obviously no longer in the band (due to death and all). Which is really too bad, because he was really talented. They're currently touring with Dream Theater's drummer Mike Portnoy who happily agreed to help them out. He also drummed for them during the recording of their latest album, Nightmare.

I'm sad to admit that I only have their latest three albums and not their first two, but it was their third album that launched them into popularity. So you can't really blame me. They've had a number of songs featured on Rock Band, and a couple in Guitar Hero I believe (but I don't play Guitar Hero), including "Afterlife", "Almost Easy", "Bat Country", "Critical Acclaim" and "Nightmare". But those are their more popular and well known songs. Don't get me wrong, they're great songs, but I'd like to share one of my favourite lesser known songs off of each of their last three albums.

So for their album Nightmare, one of my favourite songs is "Fiction". It's pretty atypical of them, considering there's no guitar or bass to speak of (instead being replaced with piano). But it's kind of a tribute to The Rev, and it's on the whole a great song. The haunting thing is that The Rev sings in it. I suppose they had voice recordings of him singing that they planned to use which they decided to include because of his death. Anyways, here it is:

One of my favourite songs off of their fourth, self-titled album (Avenged Sevenfold) is "Lost". It just tends to give me a great feeling whenever I'm feeling particularly depressed. It lifts up my spirits, you know? It may be about the fact that the human race has always done terrible things and is never going to stop (and all that jazz), but it kind of gives me a sense that everybody has issues. Which makes me feel like I'm not alone. Here's a video:

And the final song I'll share with you is one of my favourites off of their third album, City of Evil, entitled "Sidewinder". Don't have a lot to say about it really, aside from the fact that the last couple of minutes of the song (the acoustic [or at least acoustic sounding] guitar solo) are particularly awesome. But it's an all-round great song. Here it is:

So yeah. Great band, great songs, and I thoroughly recommend them and encourage you to check them out. And don't you dare judge until you've at least listened to 3 or 4 songs. Because they're awesome.

Final Score: 9.5/10

Now for lethality. These guys are a band, and they have a lot of tattoos and stuff, so... I would assume they could beat someone up? I don't know. We have to talk without weapons for this to be legit, but I'm sure they could beat someone to death if they put their minds to it. But then most small groups of people could.

Lethality: 2.5/10

P.S.: I was listening to Avenged Sevenfold the entire time I wrote this. Just in case it wasn't made clear enough before, they are in my opinion an incredibly talented and enjoyable band. You should really check them out. I can't stress it enough. Peace out.


  1. The Rev was half writing the album when he died. He got the lyrics and recordings to Fiction done before he passed away. The song was originally called Death, but was changed to Fiction (One of The Rev's nicknames)

  2. Much appreciated buddy. I learned something this time. ;)